How Is The Company’s Recycling Goal Defined?

Every active company generates waste. From the individual entrepreneur who works from his home office to the big high complexity industry, they all create some trash to a greater or lesser degree.

Before being a market decision, the option for recycling is a social position of each manager, since its activity generates, in one way or another, some environmental impact.

The goal of recycling in larger companies is usually defined by sector since there are items with necessary treatment and others that present significant added value.

In the case of smaller projects, the goal of recycling is made more arbitrarily, according to the managers’ ability to find practical solutions to the waste produced.

An interesting way to define the company’s recycling goal is through benchmarks, so it is possible to use results and numbers already obtained by other companies as standards.

From there, go up the goal more and more, targeting total efficiency. To get a benchmark, look up the recycling numbers of companies that work in the same industry as yours.